Are dental x-rays necessary?

One of the most important tools at your dentist’s disposal is dental x-rays. But do you know why dental x-rays are important and why x-rays are used?

Why are dental x-rays necessary?

Dental x-rays are used to detect and diagnose cavities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Cavities progress at a slow rate and often start between teeth where dentists cannot detect them with an oral examination. Dental x-rays aid your dentist in detecting these cavities when they are small and easily remedied with a filling.

Also, dental x-rays aid dentists in tracking the progression of tooth eruption in young children and determine when other actions, such as orthodontics, are necessary. A prime example of this is in the case of wisdom teeth which can cause improper alignment of your teeth and even pain if the wisdom tooth is impacted.

How often are dental x-rays performed?

Dental x-rays are performed at a new patient visit to establish knowledge of the patient’s overall oral health. After the initial visit, your dentist will suggest x-rays annually to continually follow up on your oral health.